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Please visit 
for more available puppies and information!
You can call Bonnie Cole at 330-428-4177!
Raisin and Munkee have fallen in love and began working on a family!!
We are anticipating new puppies mid April!!
 Very excited to see Raisins first litter! She is Cookie and Wyatts baby girl so we know they will be just adorable, and loaded with Shih~Tzu personality!!
 If you have any questions or are interested in a puppy please call Bonnie Wehr at 330-454-8073
Nugget and Wyatt are having puppies! Her puppies are due first week of May!
Nugget at Christmastime 2015
A young nugget being very playful!
Wyatt with a fuller coat
A handsome Wyatt Earp!